Celebrating Sierra Smith: From Newcomer to Field Manager in Landscaping

Sierra Smith - R.M. Landscape Employee

From Temporary Position to Landscaping Career

Sierra Smith transformed her temporary role at R.M. Landscape into an impressive success story within two years. Her journey, featured on, began as a quest for learning and exposure to construction industry equipment. This quest evolved into a thriving landscaping career, marking a significant personal and professional transformation.

Overcoming Doubts and Embracing Opportunities

Sierra initially had doubts and misconceptions about her role and the landscaping industry. As a minority woman in a male-dominated field, she faced challenges regarding acceptance and thriving. However, the inclusive, training-focused culture at R.M. Landscape played a crucial role in her growth. Attracted initially to large equipment, Sierra was surprised by the industry’s diverse opportunities and R.M. Landscape’s willingness to train those without experience. This helped her overcome stereotypes and discover the industry’s vast potential.

Leadership and Growth

Now a Field Manager, Sierra is responsible for high-end horticultural tasks, pruning, annual displays, landscape enhancements, and snow removal. Her journey from initial uncertainty to a leadership position showcases her remarkable transformation, facilitated by R.M. Landscape’s supportive environment. Sierra attributes her growth to the support from her peers, management, and professional networks. The company’s commitment to learning and making room for mistakes has been vital in her development, ensuring she feels accepted and supported as a woman and a minority in the field.

Sierra Smith’s journey is an inspiring tale for women and minorities considering a career in landscaping. It highlights the importance of fostering diverse talent and the boundless opportunities for growth in the green industry. R.M. Landscape’s approach to training and inclusivity serves as a model for other employers in the field.