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In June of 1973, with only an old farm tractor and a rake, Rick and Mike Lemcke began R.M. Landscape.  Being the sons of a farmer and living and working on a farm most of their lives, the two brothers realized how hard the farming industry was and how difficult it was to succeed no matter how hard you worked.  With their determination and some relatives with new homes, the two brothers began installing new lawns to support their business.  For a few years all of their work consisted of new lawn installations because it was simple and didnít require a lot of labor or equipment.  During the winter months they supplemented their pay by installing aluminum siding and doing home renovations.  In 1974 & 1975 R.M. began installing landscape plantings, purchased their first hydro-seeder (the first in this area) and ventured into the market of snow removal.  By 1976 R.M. hired its first employee Mike Whelehan to help with their additional workload.  Despite the high interest rates in the late 70ís, R.M. continued to expand and also began work for a small grocery store chain known as Wegmans.  This new relationship saw the birth of the Landscape Construction Division as it was needed for the expanding grocery store chain.  In 1979 R.M. Landscape purchased Braemar Nursery on Peck Road and made it their new home.  With 5 employees, 3 trucks a hydro-seeder and tractor, R.M. was one of the biggest landscape companies around.  In the late 80ís R.M. saw its largest growth ever.  With close relationships with many expanding corporations, R.M. employed over 60 people and ran a successful Landscape Construction and Landscape Maintenance Divisions.  Our work took us to all areas across Western New York, as well as other neighboring states.  By 1999, R.M. had outgrown its current building, so a large renovation and addition were completed to the shop and office areas.  Currently during peak season, R.M. employs approximately 40 people and now owns some of the latest and greatest equipment that is available.  Our core values of customer appreciation, retention and service still remain strong as we still work with some of the same clients we did 30 years ago.  With the coming years, R.M. Landscape has plans to continue its growth and will always be one of the front-runners in the Rochester area landscape market.